Asociatia Internationala Un Pas Spre Viitor - The Association follows social and professional integration of youth, which have turned 18 years old, which left/will leave the orphanages, taking them in the Social Integration Center – which have been founded in 2006, at Brasov.The Association aims to contribute to the harmonious, educative and social development of a certain category of young people, by implementing some well-defined programs. Also, their social integration is wanted, as well as the monitoring for achieveing the intended purpose.

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My name is Florin Cătănescu and I invite you to take a look on this site, where you can see my achievements since 2005 untill now. I dedicated myself to this social actions, for I also have grown in an orphanage, being derelicted at birth. My wish was and still is to help as many young people as I can, who need help. If you are nobleminded and you want to be beside me and beside the future projects of the UPSV Association – which I founded – please, contact me. Together we can make a better life for a lot of youth. Regards, Florin

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